Using Your Website to Drive More Leads

What would it mean if more people visited your website? Obviously, more visitors translate into increased traffic. More visitors can also mean more leads you can convert into bankable sales. Before you start making plans to reinvest your increased profits into your business, however, you need to craft a strategy to capture more leads.


Writing blog posts that feature your target keywords is a great way to help your website rank in search engines for those keywords. These posts are also useful for sharing on social media and sending out via email.


When it comes to web design, there are some fundamental things you can do to increase the number of people who visit your website and get more high-quality leads. Get the technical aspects of your website in order so it’s easy for search engines like Google to crawl. These activities include technical, buzzword-y things like setting up 301 redirects, optimizing meta descriptions and page titles, fixing canonicalization errors, researching keywords and using them appropriately, creating content that’s meaningful and relevant to your target audience and scripting meta descriptions that accurately reflect what’s on your webpages.


If you want to gain more traffic and capture more leads, you can’t settle for creating great articles, blog posts and videos. You need to proactively promote your content for people to actually navigate to your website to view the material you’ve published. This includes participating in conversations your customers are already having on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You need to identify the social sites the members of your target audience use most often and open accounts on those platforms and post content to drive those social media users back to your website.


An affiliate program can help attract more traffic to your site and enable you to generate more leads as it incentivises another publisher to promote your business to its audience, an audience you might not be able to tap into otherwise. Once it’s established, an affiliate program needs very little attention. Since you only pay when the program yields a sale, an affiliate program is typically a low-maintenance, affordable way to generate sales.


In today’s mobile-first world, user experience – rather, mobile user experience – is a crucial key for any business that wants to earn more high-quality leads. For your website to provide the best UX possible, a responsive web design is an absolute must.

Having a website is not enough to make the leads roll in, but these tactics, implemented successfully, can increase the quality of the traffic visiting your website. And the key here is quality traffic because not all traffic is created equal.

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